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Given that I can’t reach that many people by having support groups in the SF Bay Area I came up with another idea of e-classes or a workshop.  This will have a slightly different focus than my support group.  Rather than focus on the negative aspects of infertility we are going to focus on moving towards attracting what you want which is a child by using the Law of Attraction.  Positive thinking is an important component of improving your chances of getting pregnant. Keeping a positive attitude is so essential to getting pregnant because it improves your overall mental health; studies have found that positive thinking decreases levels of stress and the risk of depression, which in turn led to increased odds of getting pregnant.

I spent the last three years reading many books from spiritual teachers, healers, and therapists to help myself get through the battles of infertility. It wasn’t until I came across work on the Law of Attraction from a variety of authors that things started to align for me.  My e-class is designed to bring all the tools I used and continue to use now to help you reach your goals of fertility.  The class details are as follows:

5 Week E-class/Workshop

Weekly Chapters & Assignments

Assignments will be turned into me for review and feedback

Five weekly phone calls with me for coaching and guidance

CD of visualizations to increase fertility

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) manual

Free e-book on the Law of Attraction

Class starts next month, to enroll email amoreena@gmail.com



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Is your infertility causing you stress? If so, read this article to find out what you can do to help reduce your stress.

We all know that infertility is stressful. Research suggests stress makes you less likely to conceive. Additionally, research has determined that the major reason for dropping out of fertility treatment is not finances, diagnosis, or prognosis, but stress.

Conversely, studies report stress reduction groups not only decrease depression and anxiety, but also result in significantly higher pregnancy rates. For example, in a study by Alice Domar, Ph.D. (Domar et al. 2000) of 184 women, there was a 55% pregnancy rate for the Mind-body fertility group compared to a 20% pregnancy rate for the control group. Managing stress enables you to make the best choices possible, stay the course of treatment, remain open to all family building options, and realize your dream of parenthood.

Our minds have the power to influence our health both physically and emotionally. Emotions represent physiological states that affect our bodies and our physical health in the same way as exercise, diabetes, or asthma. Stress reduction through the practice of mindfulness, or moment-to moment non-judgmental awareness, is now a vital component of medical treatment for a wide range of health challenges.

Discussing how the stress of infertility is affecting your life and receiving support and coping skills can help lead the way through this difficult journey. If you are interested in receiving further support and you are in the Oakland area contact me about getting into one of our support groups.  amoreena@gmail.com

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