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About one-third of infertility issues are said to be down to the women, and struggling to conceive remains very much a taboo subject in a world where we believe we can have anything — including babies on demand. But a woman’s body must to be ready both physically and mentally in order to act as the baby’s incubator for nine months.

The most common cause of infertility is dysfunctional ovulation, the monthly releasing of eggs.
Issues such as stress or hormonal imbalances can cause irregularity or altogether stop this process.

The mounting pressure from the constant need to try for a baby can become overpowering and verging on obsessive. Going through infertility issues is stressful, and when we are stressed, some feel that their body betrays them.

It isn’t totally proven that stress can cause infertility or hinder the process in anyway, since plenty of women get pregnant in very stressful situations. However, everyone’s body is different and what your body can handle may be different than someone else.  Also we do know that cortisol is released when we are stressed and that has a potential to cause other problems.

The body may see stress as an invader, signalling to the body that now is not a good time to get pregnant. As an ancient practice developed at a time when people didn’t separate the body from the mind, yoga acts as a trigger for relaxation.

So can Yoga help you get pregnant? The answer of course isn’t clear or certain, but it definitely can’t hurt! If it helps relax you during this journey and give you some sort of peace than I would say absolutely it can help. If Yoga is one other thing you need to add to your list of things to do and you are already maxed out and stressed, then don’t bother.


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