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Infertility is one of the leading causes of marital troubles and more than seven million couples are affected by it. Many people are waiting until their mid 30s to start a family these days only to find out that they aren’t getting pregnant right away.

One of the most common problems we see is advanced maternal age. We’re seeing a lot of difficulties with women 35 or over and sometimes even younger than 35, who are starting to have diminished egg quality. We call that diminished ovarian reserve. So at 35, their eggs and ovaries might be acting like they’re 42 or 45 and that can be a difficult problem to get through because the essence of the embryo and the infrastructure of the embryo is the egg so you must start off with a good quality egg. The best way to eliminate that is with early detection and treatment as with most disorders.

Many couples are opting to have children later and it’s understandable that they want to be financially stable with a successful job and career, but unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t wait for that. To some degree, I do want to get out the message to couples to not wait too long. If we can start testing women when they’re younger around the age of 30, with simple blood tests which can give a woman an idea of the quality of her eggs, that would help. One of the things we can do now is take the eggs of a young woman, freeze them and then use them later in life when they’re ready to have children, although that is not a guarantee and it can be quite expensive.

Either way all of this stress and pressure and lead to marital tension.  I encourage all couples to seek help in the beginning of this journey to help process these feelings.

Amoreena Berg, MFT


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