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My private practice seeing individuals, couples, and facilitating support groups has moved to San Marcos/Carlsbad. I look forward to supporting clients in this area going through this journey.  Please contact me for further information. amoreena@gmail.com


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I am moving the Friday Oakland Infertility group to Thursdays at 6:30pm bi-weekly starting this Thursday.  The Orinda group at Reproductive Science Center will continue on Mondays bi-weekly.  Contact me if you have any further questions.


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Frequently I get phone calls about whether a group or individual counseling would be appropriate.  And when is it time to get the support for infertility issues?

The sooner the better…as soon as you realize infertility might be an issue call around and get some support.  Unfortunately many of the clinics around do not mention how emotional and isolating infertility can be for a couple.  Usually they have resources if you ask for them, but most couples in the beginning don’t realize they need support.  What I typically see is the couple or individual who come to me after months and even years of battling infertility by themselves.  I realize treatments are expensive, but counseling should be considered as part of the package and journey.  Most of my clients wished they had gotten support sooner and feel not alone once they do get the support. Ironically, or not, most usually get pregnant within a few months of joining a group or getting individual counseling.

Group or individual?  I think this depends on you and the couple.  I think it is important for the couple to be seen either in a group or individually right away.  It is a couple’s issue not just the woman’s problem…unless you are of course doing this alone, which many women are these days.  Some people are uncomfortable in a group setting and need time to warm up to the idea of just sharing their story with a stranger. Or maybe they just have experienced a traumatic miscarriage and need individual time to process those feelings before entering a group setting. Those people should start with a therapist first.  The group experience is very powerful and healing. It offers something individual work cannot.  Try both is what I suggest, when appropriate.  Most groups are only a 4-6 session commitment and individual work is done on a per session basis.  Whatever you do definitely get support because infertility can be a lonely journey and it doesn’t have to be.

My group is Fridays in Oakland at 6:30 biweekly.  Half of the group just got pregnant on the same cycle!  So now we have some newcomers and I look forward to their good news in the next few months as well. That is how it works.  80% of the group gets pregnant eventually!

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Infertility Support Group

Does any of this apply to you?

· I’m feeling lonely and isolated
· I have very few people to talk with about my infertility
· No one understands
· Everyone I know is pregnant or has children
· My partner is the only one I have who provides emotional support
· Infertility is affecting my work and career
· I feel that my life plan is out of control
· I’m having trouble navigating through my medical treatment options

This group will help you feel less isolated, empower you with knowledge and validate your emotional response to the life crisis of infertility.  You are not alone!  The goal of this group is to support you through this journey and give you mindfulness tools to help cope with the ups and downs.

Benefits of Joining a Support Group
One of the most important benefits of participating in a support group is a decrease in the sense of isolation so many people feel when they are experiencing infertility.  Plus, a 2000 study found that attendees of support groups had a higher pregnancy rate than women who didn’t attend a support group.

The mind/body infertility support group consists of 4 sessions biweekly with the option to continue longer.  The group will provide clients with tools to get the stress of infertility under control. We will discuss treatment and family building options, encourage questions and conversation, and provide support and understanding in challenging times.

Women in all phases of the infertility process are welcome, whether they are doing natural, IUI, IVF, or deciding what is next.

Components of the Group:

  • Relationship between stress and infertility
  • Side effects and consequences of stress
  • Introduction to relaxation techniques
  • Mini relaxation exercises
  • Learning effective communication
  • The impact of lifestyle behavior and infertility
  • Introduction to mindfulness for fertility
  • Cognitive skills for the emergence of healthy thought patterns
  • Strategies for difficult situations and interactions
  • Couples’ communication tools for interpersonal dynamics and issues
  • Information on fertility treatment and family-building options
  • Support from joining with others similarly challenged

Class fee: $40 per session – 4 sessions paid up front – Mondays 6:30pm – 8:-00pm – bi weekly

STARTS Sept 20th! Call me now 650-224-1796

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Is your infertility causing you stress? If so, read this article to find out what you can do to help reduce your stress.

We all know that infertility is stressful. Research suggests stress makes you less likely to conceive. Additionally, research has determined that the major reason for dropping out of fertility treatment is not finances, diagnosis, or prognosis, but stress.

Conversely, studies report stress reduction groups not only decrease depression and anxiety, but also result in significantly higher pregnancy rates. For example, in a study by Alice Domar, Ph.D. (Domar et al. 2000) of 184 women, there was a 55% pregnancy rate for the Mind-body fertility group compared to a 20% pregnancy rate for the control group. Managing stress enables you to make the best choices possible, stay the course of treatment, remain open to all family building options, and realize your dream of parenthood.

Our minds have the power to influence our health both physically and emotionally. Emotions represent physiological states that affect our bodies and our physical health in the same way as exercise, diabetes, or asthma. Stress reduction through the practice of mindfulness, or moment-to moment non-judgmental awareness, is now a vital component of medical treatment for a wide range of health challenges.

Discussing how the stress of infertility is affecting your life and receiving support and coping skills can help lead the way through this difficult journey. If you are interested in receiving further support and you are in the Oakland area contact me about getting into one of our support groups.  amoreena@gmail.com

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Coping with Fertility Challenges
Mind-Body Workshop by Amoreena Berg, MFT
Monday, February 8, 6:00PM
Click for more info and to Register

Struggles with fertility can be one of the most difficult things for a woman – and a couple – to face. Is this infertility battle taking control of your life and ruining your days? Are you losing sleep over your fertility issues and withdrawing from life? I am a family therapist specializing in fertility issues, and yes have been there too – I have my own personal journey with fertility issues.

This talk will provide you with some tools to get the stress of infertility under control. This Co-ed, gay-friendly group will teach you mind-body based practices and techniques to ease the stress of infertility. We discuss treatment and family building options, encourage questions and conversation, and provide support and understanding in challenging times.

Location: Lolo Integrative Medicine Clinic- Integrative Women’s Health Program
3300 Webster Street, Ste. 408, Oakland, CA 94609

For questions or more information about this and other events, please contact 510.444.2772 or visit http://www.ebiwomenshealth.com

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Are you letting this “infertility” battle take control of your life and ruin it? Are you losing sleep over your fertility issues and withdrawing from life?  Don’t worry, I have been there too. 

There so many people who may not know if they are infertile. However, chances are high that if you have had some problems getting pregnant, then thoughts of whether you can really conceive and give birth to a child must have crossed your mind, at least at some point in your life. You will surely question why, or what’s wrong and wonder whether you could be infertile.

You ask, yourself what the signs of infertility may be or think I am over 35 and my odds are going against me. Time is running out!  You begin to think that your dreams of having children may never happen. Your emotions can really get to its worst and then you become desperate, mad, totally stressed out and go into despair. For God’s sake, don’t let that happen to you! If you think that you are infertile, what you should do is try to learn everything you can on this subject.  The trick is to not let this consume you and ruin your life. Easier said then done, right. Not really, only if you “think” it is too hard will it be.

In my Oakland bi-weekly “fertility” group we are working on “letting go” and to not continue to focus on what we are lacking but more on what we have now, today.  All we have is today and if we are in our heads about tomorrow or yesterday then we are missing the beauty of life today.  I truly believe that being mindful during this process is the key to being able to handle it and successfully getting pregnant.  But you need to come to a place where you are okay with either way it works out. You don’t “need” a child, you only “want” one…that is the goal that I want the women in my group to walk away remembering.  I am a licensed MFT therapist in the East Bay area who has been practice since 2000 and have had a personal journey with fertility issues.  Trust me, I get it. 

If you are interested in more information about this topic, individual therpay, or our groups, please contact Amoreena Berg at 650-224-1796 or email amoreena@gmail.comwww.amoreenabergmft.com

Baby Dust to you all in 2010!

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